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winx christmas

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Christmas Tears|Doesn't look like Bloom will be home for Christmas and her family is worried.

Go Christmas!|Even though she can't go home, Christmas can be anywhere when you have great friends like the Winx!

Ho Ho Ho?| Well the Winx girls certainly tried to bring X-mas to bloom, but did they succeed?

White Christmas|You can never lose the Christmas spirit when it's in your heart!

Together Again|Since Bloom couldn't make it home for the holidays, they brought her home to Magix!

Spreading Cheer|Lights? Check! Snow? Check! Santa Hats? Check! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Most Wonderful Time|Looks like Bloom spread Holiday spirit all over Magix!

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Cat Fight|The lions are coming right toward Bloom! Hope Sky has a plan...

Wild Flowers|Stella, Flora, and Musa made their way to the ocean of flowers... but what about carnivorous plants?

Saviour|Flora bonded with Daisiree and she got her powers back!

Regrowth|Flora undid the flower's dark magic, and they're even closer to the Gem of Courage!

Sneak Peek|To obtain the final gem, the Winx need to overcome their fears. Can they do it?

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flora stela a bloom

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layla and tecna

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layla and tecna sirenx

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winx club gold beliewix

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winx harminix

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tecna a musa

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layla a musa

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Charmixy byly každé člence Winx darovány ve 2.serii.
....Za jejich odvážná rozhodnutí......
Bloom a Charmix♥Flora a Charmix♥
Stella a Charmix♥Musa a Charmix♥
Tecna a Charmix♥Layla a Charmix♥
Winx a Charmixy♥


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winx club v létě

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Winx a pixis

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As winx com os pixieswinx animka

winx club

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