Prosinec 2012

winx 5 serie

29. prosince 2012 v 19:46 | aja
Musa Melody|Musa's back with more magical melodies!

Magic in the Distance|Bloom catches something mystical on the horizon...Are you ready to explore?

The Lilo|The Winx Girls need to make sure they find this freaky flower that gives off strange powers by sunset before someone else does!
Return of the Trix|Uh oh, the Winx aren't the only fairies after the Lilo!

Lost Lilo|The Lilo is found! But will the girls be able to get it from Macy?

Quick!|Can Flora feel where the lost Lilo is hiding? She better hurry before the Trix get to it!

konec prvního kola

28. prosince 2012 v 19:30 | aja
konečně jsem se dokopala (jak už jsem říkala tak nestíhám)
a ukončuji první kolo soutěže

v prvním kole vypadla: Magical flora
napiš mi co by jsi chtela na obrazek(jednu winxku) a diplomek(to mužeš více winx)

do konce prosince se pokusi na blog dat druhé kolo (no nejspíš se pokusím sem dát druhé kolo do konce ledna)

veselé vanoce

28. prosince 2012 v 19:20 | aja
doufám že si užíváte vánoce a rozbalujete darky
ale i pro moje SBečka tu jsou naké darky

winx christmas

24. prosince 2012 v 19:51 | aja |  winx club
Christmas Tears|Doesn't look like Bloom will be home for Christmas and her family is worried.

Go Christmas!|Even though she can't go home, Christmas can be anywhere when you have great friends like the Winx!

Ho Ho Ho?| Well the Winx girls certainly tried to bring X-mas to bloom, but did they succeed?

White Christmas|You can never lose the Christmas spirit when it's in your heart!

Together Again|Since Bloom couldn't make it home for the holidays, they brought her home to Magix!

Spreading Cheer|Lights? Check! Snow? Check! Santa Hats? Check! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Most Wonderful Time|Looks like Bloom spread Holiday spirit all over Magix!

stella childer

20. prosince 2012 v 15:02 | aja

winx obrázky

19. prosince 2012 v 19:31 | aja |  winx club
Cat Fight|The lions are coming right toward Bloom! Hope Sky has a plan...

Wild Flowers|Stella, Flora, and Musa made their way to the ocean of flowers... but what about carnivorous plants?

Saviour|Flora bonded with Daisiree and she got her powers back!

Regrowth|Flora undid the flower's dark magic, and they're even closer to the Gem of Courage!

Sneak Peek|To obtain the final gem, the Winx need to overcome their fears. Can they do it?


19. prosince 2012 v 19:28 | aja
Suffering Sister|The Trix are torturing Daphne into telling them how to get Sirenix!

bloom ice

19. prosince 2012 v 15:05 | aja |  bloom

bloom bewilex

18. prosince 2012 v 23:47 | aja

stella rock

17. prosince 2012 v 15:03 | aja |  stella